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Quality of Life Phone Consult

Dr. Cushing knows that decision making for end-of-life care for a beloved pet can be so very difficult. A Quality of Life Phone Consult with Dr. Cushing is now an available service that may be of great help to families struggling with the decision for euthanasia or whether to initiate palliative care. This would consist of a phone discussion about the things that make up the individual pet’s quality: appetite, mobility, social engagement, hygiene, ability to rest and how those things may factor into a potential palliative care plan or a euthanasia decision. The discussion is scheduled for 30 minutes ($100), however if you think a longer discussion would be needed that also can also be arranged (additional fee).


Telemedicine unfortunately is not allowed by the MA or NH Board of Veterinary Medicine, so recommending or prescribing medication based on the conversation would not be allowed. 

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