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Memory Lane
This page is dedicated to all of our wonderful best friends who have passed away. If you have lost a pet and would like to post a free memorial to them, please email us their story along with a picture. A link to your post will then be sent for you to share with others as desired.


Mealy was a special beagle with a gap toothed grin and a Snoopy-style black spot on her back. She was such a sweetheart that loved to snuggle and have belly rubs. At times though she was such a naughty beagle. She had a talent for finding anything even slightly edible. Some of her more adventurous things eaten included a 5 pound bag of flour, a bag of dried lavender flowers and a pound of coffee. Her dirty deeds, hilarious stunts and her sweetness keep us reminiscing about funny and trying times with her. I think I will always miss her


cannot say enough about Dr Jennifer Cushing. She was amazing in guiding me thru the process of giving my little girl, Cassie back to God. Cassie came to me from a rescue so scared and afraid but the fates were watching over us when she came into our lives. Cassie soon became the light in my life, my constant companion and always by my side. She definitely gave us the joy of unconditional love and her quirky antics always had us laughing. Unfortunately, the day came far too some and her body started to fail her, Dr. Cushing helped me to know when the time was right to let my precious baby go, it was such a comfort to be able to hold her in my arms as she pass peacefully away. I am sorry it has taken me a while to be able to write this, I have never grieved for a dog they way I have grieved for Cassie. She was so special. Thank you again Dr. Cushing for being so comforting and compassionate. I know I will be seeing my little girl one day at the Rainbow Bridge


Dolce was such a sweet and sensitive girl who brought such happiness to my family. She was a clown in so many ways, who brought not only companionship, but great joy and laughter. We miss her so much, the memories still bring tears to our eyes. Dr. Cushing's compassion and professionalism is surpassed by none. She was very attentive not only my dog's needs but to mine as well. She is one who obviously cares deeply about the well-being and comfort of animals. I can whole-heartedly confirm that with Dr Cushing, one's veterinary care, no matter what stage of life the pet may be in, they will be in great hands


Snoopy came to our family when she was 9 years old. She was an adorable apricot poodle with a love for people food and rather a plump figure. With our vets guidance we got Snoopy into more fit condition and for many years she had high energy, loved her walks and greeted us with a leap and spin that we called banana twirls. At age 14 she was in severe decline with diabetes and both vision and hearing loss. Dr Cushing helped us through this very difficult time. She counseled us on knowing when to make the decision to put our darling dog to rest and made that moment very peaceful at home with no trauma. Thank you Dr Cushing for your kindness


Our mini schnauzer Fritz was a happy frisky well behaved little fellow that worked his way deeply into our hearts and was truly a family member. He was vibrant and fun until age 15. The old age change in him was very obvious and we had to accept that the end was coming near as his quality of life was declining so rapidly. Dr. Cushing was so caring in helping us through this difficult time. We thank her for her guidance and very loving way that made this ending very peaceful and respectful. Fritz will be a joy in our lives always.


I adopted Gizzy when she was 7 years old and we were inseparable from day 1! We were a perfect match and I just loved her funny personality. After a few months, I noticed some health changes including blindness in one eye and episodes of seizing. After seeing an ophthalmologist and neurologist, Gizzy was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and prescribed many medications to keep her seizures to a minimum. We were able to control her seizures and she had almost two additional years until her health declined again. She was eventually diagnosed with a brain tumor and her health quickly deteriorated. I am so fortunate this little girl came into in my life and although our time together was too short, she is still with me in spirit. When the difficult decision was made to humanely euthanize Gizzy, I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Cushing help me through the process. Dr. Cushing gave Gizzy a sedative that helped her relax and I was able to have her on my lap and comfort her through the entire procedure. I cannot thank Dr. Cushing enough for her kind and gentle approach and will be forever grateful for the final moments she allowed me to share with Gizzy


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